G90 weapon

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G90 weapon

Post  OHO on Mon Aug 18, 2008 6:38 pm

Hi all im have question why weapon g90 its too same g90 1h and 2h have too same dmg bow and stick too
Look on g62 weapon 2h have big dmg
Physical Attack: 560-620
Hit Point: 81

Health Point: +400
Strength: +7
Health: +3

and 1h
Physical Attack: 300-370
Hit Point: 83

Health Point: +450
Strength: +5
Health: +4
Agility: +1

2h sword have 2x more dmg than 1h why on you server 1h have

Physical Attack: 850-950
and 2h
Physical Attack: 800-1000

Stick have dmg magical 850-950 2h have too same..when g62 stick have
Physical Attack: 190-190
Magical Attack: 350-420
Hit Point: 72

Intelligence +7
Wisdom +3
Health Point +250
Magic Point +150
dmg is little biger on 1h
Its very bad pvp here on server...
Can u fix it
Sry for main english


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